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Mexico may not be known as one of the shopping capitals of the world, but visitors may be surprised by the variety of choices it provides in the form of takeaways and souvenirs during their vacation. GlobeQuest Travel Club names a few of these favorite keepsakes to look for to bring home on your next trip.

Indigenous art made in a traditional manner reflects the diverse ethnicity and antiquity of the region. These can be found at the ancient sites of the popular Mayan Civilization and are a must have to take home as a memory of the ancient history of Mexico. There are many different types of art to choose from including woodcarvings and textiles adorned with ancient style paintings, and imitative masks made from wood that were used by the tribes and Mayan civilization during religious rituals.

GlobeQuest Travel Club also recommends checking out any of the many souvenir shops dotted across the landscape of the country providing many perfect presents for those who couldn’t come along, such as t-shirts, ceramic mugs, bags, key chains and more.

The shopping district on Cozumel islands is filled with colorful shops providing exquisite and unique coral jewelry that will surely grab your attention at first sight. Feather paintings are also one more form for those who are looking for a unique souvenir not found anywhere else in the world, except in Mexico.

With all of the history attached to this country, instead of buying too many expensive shopping items to take back home, focus more on the experience. This luxury vacation provider recommends finding small souvenirs to go along with the memories attached to this country’s glorious parts that will help visitors never to forget, says GlobeQuest Travel Club.

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