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One of the biggest events of the fall season was in Cabo San Lucas, and GlobeQuest Travel Club invited travelers to experience the celebration first hand.

Fall is here, and for those who want to make the most of this time for travel, there are many great options. One of the best ways to spend the season was to be participating in the amazing vacation experiences that awaited travelers in destinations like Cabo San Lucas. Some of the biggest events and celebrations of the year in Cabo San Lucas took place in the fall months, and experts like those at GlobeQuest Travel Club want to encourage all travelers to pursue these experiences. To help fall travelers appreciate the best possible vacation, the travel provider would like to share some information on one of the celebrations that happened in Cabo San Lucas.

GlobeQuest Travel Club Shares Top Fall Events In Cabo San Lucas

GlobeQuest Travel Club shares that each fall, one of the highlights of the season in Cabo San Lucas is Sammy Hagar’s Birthday. Why is the birthday celebration of this Van Halen front man such a highlight of Cabo San Lucas entertainment each year? Because of Cabo Wabo Cantina, a venue that is already praised for its excitement, great food, and drink, and excellent nightlife, pulls out all the stops each October to celebrate its founder’s birthday in style. Each year music fans and Cabo Guests flock to Cabo Wabo for live performances, signature tequila, fabulous meals, and a taste of the rock star lifestyle that has been added to the Cantina by its owner Sammy Hagar, but there is no better time to visit the famous Cantina than during this specialty celebration.GlobeQuest Travel Club

For Sammy Hagar’s Cabo Wabo Birthday Bash, the Cantina was celebrating on the 7th, 9th, 11th, and 13th of October. The event each year features many live performances by legendary rock performers and titans in the music industry who have come to celebrate Hagar’s life and career. Of course, the birthday boy himself attended the event and celebrated with his fans and guests. Attending with him this year was  Michael Anthony, Vic Johnson, and Jason Bonham. Music fans, Cabo visitors, and individuals who were looking for a good time this fall were all invited by GlobeQuest Travel Club to check out the event and got their tickets by visiting The event filled up fast, and travelers enjoyed their time in Cabo.

GlobeQuest Travel Club wants to ensure that anyone who wants to visit Cabo San Lucas this fall can easily have the vacation of their dreams. They can do this by filling their trip with fantastic entertainment and by appreciating amazing accommodations. All of these great holiday features can be easily secured by those who trust in the services of GlobeQuest Travel Club. To start planning a getaway to Cabo San Lucas now visit

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